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Qui sommes nous?

About us


Le partenaire idéal

The company

IT Company created by 2 IT Consultants with different competences on Finance, EDI, BI and Website creation. With more than 30 years of experiences, LAF-IT could wrap-up different experiences into one company and split its offers into several specific ones.

All along our experience, we have built a strong network of consultant specialized in areas we do not personnaly handle such as: Networkts, System administration, Database administrator etc… 

Our objecives

Our objectives are to propose to profesionnals solutions that fit the needs and budgets. We do not offer the golden wheel when you only need a bicycle. Easy to use and adapted solutions are our key words.

The main aim is to build a long distance partnership with our customer and to always ensure a good level of service according to the needs and budgets. In order to reach achievable targets, we propose to  spread implementation, maintenance costs thanks to several pricing models.

Our services

We propose a kind of menu of solutions that accompay the customers from the beginning to the growth point and further more in a complete wellness and serenity mode.


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  • Saint Jean de Luz

  • laf-it@laf-it.com

  • +33 (0) 7 87 79 81 88 / +33 (0) 6 95 22 70 17